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Emorefun 15 Bar Espresso Machine with Grinder & Milk Steamer, Automatic Cappuccino Latte Coffee Maker, 2.5L Water Tank

Emorefun 15 Bar Espresso Machine with Grinder & Milk Steamer, Automatic Cappuccino Latte Coffee Maker, 2.5L Water Tank

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??Fast and Convenient Espresso Making??This innovative espresso machine allows you to go from beans to espresso in under one minute. With its integrated grinder . milk frother steam wand . and simple buttons . you can make your favorite espresso coffee at home and enjoy a barista-brewed latte . cappuccino . or macchiato at any moment . freeing your hands from busy work.

??Customizable Grinding Options??With a grind knob featuring 15 settings . this professional espresso coffee maker gives you complete control over the grind size . ensuring even and consistent grinding for every type of bean. This exclusive grinding technology ensures that the beans are evenly ground to maintain their desired flavors.

??Professional Quality Milk Frothing??The powerful milk-foaming steam wand of the espresso coffee machine enables you to create hundreds of thousands of microfoams . resulting in silky and creamy milk . perfect for creating latte art and enhancing the flavor of the coffee. The microfoam creates a perfect blend of sweet milk and full-flavored espresso . just like what you get in a coffee shop.

??Precise Extraction for Maximum Flavor??With a professional Italian ULKA 15 bar pressure system and precise water temperature control (PID) . this espresso maker extracts coffee beans at a consistent pressure and delivers water at precisely the right temperature for a perfectly balanced coffee extraction. This ensures that the maximum flavor potential of the coffee is extracted and anything less or more leads to bitterness or sour flavor.

??Low-Pressure Pre-Soaking for Balanced Taste??This coffee maker uses low-pressure pre-soaking . which gradually increases pressure to gently expand the grinds for even extraction . preventing bitter and sour flavors in the coffee shot. This creates a balanced-tasting cup . ensuring that you get the perfect coffee experience every time.

??Espresso Machine Included Accessories?? Espresso machine with grinder and milk frother . Portafilter . Single-cup filter . Double-cup filter . Tamper . Milk pitcher . Cleaning brush and needle.

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