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Ksports Tennis Rebounder Net Blue ?C Tennis Training System ?C Racket Sports

Ksports Tennis Rebounder Net Blue ?C Tennis Training System ?C Racket Sports

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This rebounder is a tennis training system which brings the racket courts to the convenience and safety of your own home . in the garage . driveway . or backyard ?C anywhere with a space of about 10 square yards. Practice your tennis . pickleball . paddle . squash . racquetball & table tennis anytime and anywhere you want. So how is this possible?

The Ksports rebounder net employs a proprietary design at the top of the net to manage the duration between shots of each racket sports from about 1.5 ?C 2.5 seconds. Coupled with the swivel board at the front of the net to deliver the ball back to you at the right height . the result is a very close experience of the real thing ?C action on the courts!

You can practice your racket sport by yourself or with friends and family. Imagine hitting up to 30 shots per minute . you can expect fast improvement . fine-tune your strokes to perfection . taking your game to the next level in a matter of days.

This racket sports rebounder is made of premium quality steel which is powder coated and the net is that of robust PET (polyethylene terephthalate) . both frame and net are entirely weatherproof. Due to its unique knockdown capability . it can be assembled & disassembled in under 10 minutes . no tools are required at all.

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