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LEGO Ninjago Cole DX

LEGO Ninjago Cole DX

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Delve into the mystical world of Ninjago with the LEGO Ninjago Cole DX. It’s an exciting choice for LEGO fans or young ninja enthusiasts. This set includes 11 pieces. The Cole minifigure comes with a dragon suit and a golden dragon spinner . which is a key component in the fanciful art of Spinjitzu. Three weapons give the minifigure everything he needs to defeat evil forces and other opponents. The weapons include a golden staff . spear and sword. Users can employ the four battle cards in a thrilling game pitting their Ninjago characters against one another. It also comes with a character card that’s vital to gameplay. LEGO bricks are essential aspects . giving the player various advantages. The pieces of this LEGO building set completely equip a single player. Combine sets and players for a full game. The Ninjago spinner and associated pieces are also compatible with other LEGO sets.

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