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Lego Ninjago Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO 71760

Lego Ninjago Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO 71760

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Lego Ninjago Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO 71760

Little ninjas aged 6 and up will love creating their own fun stories with the Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO playset. This toy dragon with movable legs . mouth . head and weapon-like tail can also be enhanced with bigger and more powerful wings. Action-packed ninja battles! This building set includes 2 mini figures: Jay with nunchuck and sword and Flying Snake with jet pack and sword . guaranteeing incredible battles.

New for January 2022 . kids will be rewarded with a collectible flag when they defeat the ninja’s enemies and complete their mission. Unique toys for creative fun! NINJAGO toys have the power to transport kids away from their screens and into an immersive world of imaginative action. Here they can join the brave ninja heroes to battle evil with a collection of building sets featuring motorbikes . robots and ninja temples. Join Jay and the Thunder Dragon to defeat the evil Flying Snake . who is determined to cause trouble!

Don’t let the snake in the jet pack fly away . stealing Jay’s gun! Equip Jay with a hood and sword and his fearsome dragon with bigger wings so they can fight a death-defying battle in the sky! You’ll be rewarded for completing your mission with a collectible Speed flag. – Highly mobile dragon toy. Kids can bring action-packed stories to life with this LEGO NINJAGO Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO. – 2 minifigures. The toy building set includes Jay . who has nunchucks and can be equipped with a hood and a sword . and Flying Snake . who has an arcane weapon and jet pack. – Ninja action!

This dragon toy features movable legs . head . mouth . wings . a tail that can be used as a weapon and a saddle for kids to sit Jay in while he fights the snake. – Collectible flag! New for January 2022 . this feature rewards kids for completing missions and defeating the snake warrior with a Speed flag that they can display on the dragon. – More rewards. Find flags from 7 other NINJAGO sets . including Zane’s Booster Robot EVO (71761) . Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO (71762) and Lloyd’s Race Car EVO (71763). Box Size: 20.5 x 4.6 x 19.1 cm. Number of Pieces: 140 Suitable for children aged 6 and over

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