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Worx WG324 20V Power Share 5″ Cordless Pruning Saw

Worx WG324 20V Power Share 5″ Cordless Pruning Saw

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Portability meets power in the Worx 20V 5″ Cordless Pruning Saw! Weighing in at just 3.9 lbs. (w/ battery) . the cordless mini chain saw is heavy-duty enough to slice through branch after branch . but light enough to operate with one hand. The slim design makes for comfortable cutting at elevated heights. The mini chainsaw cordless power comes from Power Share batteries . which are conveniently compatible with 140+ Worx cordless tools . outdoor power equipment . and lifestyle products on the Power Share platform. Prune . delimb trees . and clear trails in record time. Featuring a high-efficiency motor . this cordless chainsaw delivers smooth cuts at an impressive speed of 22 ft/s. All that electric saw power comes with minimal vibration to enhance precision and lessen hand fatigue. This on-the-go chainsaw boasts longer runtimes to help you get more done. How much? You can slice though up to 100 pieces of 2?? wood without having to stop to recharge. Dial in precise tightness using the tensioning tool stored directed on the electric saw. Designed for enhanced safety and security . this battery powered chainsaw is made with a hand guard and a retractable bar & chain guard to help protect you from injuries while you work. For added peace of mind . rely on the handy lock-out switch above the trigger to prevent accidental starts. While this pruning saw is a tough cutter . it’s still easy on the user. In addition to its compact . lightweight profile . this tool features a secondary soft grip that maximizes control and minimizes fatigue-even when you’re working for extended periods.

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